Membership in Association of Iranian Market Research

It is obvious that to develop market research we need to follow some standards. Iranian Market Research Association (IMRA) was founded in order to make these standards. So that these researches can lead a business into success.
Market Research is basically focus on supporting customers, helps the managers in how to produce and figure out financial and commercial issues.
Iranian Market Research Association is a member of European Market Research Association and was founded only to make the firms, companies, institutions, researchers, all associates in market research cooperate together to enhance the market, foreign and domestic.
 The strategic studies institute, Sepinud Shargh is honored as one of the seventieth members of Iranian Market Research Association.

Graded A by association of bank and credit investment consultants

In efforts to put the Act of granting banking loans into effect and based on a bright idea by the ministry of economic affairs and finance, the association of bank and credit investment consultants was established. Of the objectives of the association is developing a corporate system based on justice and professional piety with due regard for technical independence and technological enhancement in investment consultancy. 

Evaluating the competencies and ranking the members, overseeing their conducts, defining a framework to standardize studies, advisors' undertakings and obligations, establishing a unified procedure for organizing financial, technical and fiscal reports are


The competency of Sepinud Shargh as a member of the association is already confirmed in six technical and specialized fields as listed below:

•Industry: the Sector of Energy, Oil and Gas

•Industry: the Sector of Metals and Mines

•Industry: the Sector of artificial things

•Agriculture and Converting Industries

•Construction, House and Urban Development


Sepinud's competency and ranking as announced by the accredited authority:

A-3 in Feasibility Study

Holding a license to take part in projects making use of conventional and sophisticated technology with a high investment ceiling in each project

C-1 in Supervising

Holding a license to take part in projects making use of conventional technologies and so on.

of the association's tasks.

Establishment Permit as well as Technical-Engineering license by the Ministry of Industries, mine and business

The technical-engineering license is the one and only permit the ministry of industries issues as an approval that a business requires to start its activity. Sepinud strategic studies institute has already managed- given its background- to obtain the establishment permit In 2007 and then to win a technical and engineering permit required to start running a nosiness in 2009 from Tehran organization of industry, mine and trade. 

Membership in Association of investment consulting supervision

The association has been established with the purpose of providing and protecting the common interests of the members, working in harmony with the government and state organizations and engineering institutions with a view to working out the problems and enhancing the executive procedure for granting loans throughout the country. Of the other functions of the association are cooperating in establishment of a logical procedure for technical and economic examination of the plans particularly in the sector of industry and mine, evaluating and determining the eligibility of the members as well as their ranking, functioning as an independent legal, professional and non-governmental entity and assuming the relevant responsibilities. Companies/institutes which cooperate with financial and banking systems of the country and are involved in consultation activities with a considerable professional background may be qualified as a member.  

The strategic studies institute- Sepinud Shargh- became the 37th member of the association in 2008. 

Iranian Society for Strategic management

ISSM is a non-profit institute adopting an educational, training and scientific approach. Its objective is exploiting the state's full capacity of universities and research places as well as the knowledge of the world management in order to improve skilled staff both quantitatively and qualitatively in strategic management area, growth and improvement of educational system and advancing the goals and boosting the power of management across the country. 

As a scientific, educational and training institute, Sepinud Shargh has played its part in support for the ISSM's goals in its bid to advance and develop strategic management.

Membership in Iran Management Consulting Association

The professional association of Iran management consultants was founded in the form of a legal and widespread non-governmental organization in 1998. The members have always strived to enhance the proper consultation culture across the country in steady joint efforts while following some effective policies in this respect. Upon membership, Sepinud Shargh enterprise has attempted in conjunction with other managerial consulting institutes to help managers with decision making and execution. 

Achieving Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008 from ITCC UK

Membership in Iran profitability association

Given the necessity of disseminating the concept and culture of profitability and spreading the procedures for its development throughout the country, Iran profitability association was founded as a specialized non-profitmaking NGO through the efforts of some experts and enthusiasts for the purpose of supporting promulgation plans and enhancing profitability across the country in January 23rd 2003. Sepinudq Shargh enterprise as a member of the association is commitment to disseminating the culture of profitability in Iran.

Membership in Iranian Institute of Industrial Engineering

As a consulting firm in financial and industrial sector, Sepinud Shargh has played its part in support for development of the state's industry. 

Membership of Society of Iranian Value Engineering

As one of the societies approved by ministry of science, research and technology, Iran value engineering society's area of activity falls among the interdisciplinary subjects of study. The society's objective is advancement of value methodologies in general as well as advancement of relevant areas in particular. 


Sepinud Shargh became a member of the society with the aim of exchanging upcoming breakthroughs and providing the foundations for exchanging the applied and professional experiences gained through value engineering application. 

Attendance at fairs

The 1st fair of naturalization & self-sufficiency breakthroughs in industry and mine, Tehran Musalla, Dec. 2010

•Science-to-practice fair by presidential scientific bureau, Tehran Musalla, Oct. 2013

•Acoustic and vibration fair, Khajeh Nasir University, Dec. 2013

•The 5th fair of the state investment opportunities, Kish Island, Jan. 2013

•The 1st international symposium on sport tourism, Isfahan, Mar. 2013

•The 8th fair of exchange, bank and insurance, jun. 

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